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Alyna Global Trade - Creating a Difference

Alyna Global was created in late 2010 with the purpose of giving housing relief to South and Central Americans in a manner that is cost efficient and environmentally conscious. After extensive research Alyna Global's investigators saw that Sandwich Insulated Panels (SIP) is the most suitable technology for the recovery of people displaced by natural disaster.

We see SIP pre-fabricated houses as a tried and true system in managing urgent housing needs in emergencies (such as the recent earthquakes in Japan). We also see that such houses have been used commercially at construction sites (such as during the construction of the Beijing Olympic facilities). With the discovery of such types of housing, we saw it as a perfect solution for the immediate need of the people of South and Central America. The quality of the product plus the unsatisfied need in the region is a perfect "magic" formula, we strongly believe, for success of our company now and many years in the future.

As we establish ourselves firstly in Colombia, we will expand over the rest of Central and South America. We also have excellent connections in the Philippines and South Asia (India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) which also see many natural disasters creating further need for SIP pre-fabricated houses.
As we progress even further, we see opportunities in the commercial and private sectors in Central and South America, South Asia, South East Asia and in our Canada.

With Colombia, our knowledge and contact base and experience in the country ensure that our marketing presence will be effective, efficient and inexpensive. We have excellent contacts within the higher levels of Colombian government at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. This combined with the excellent contacts in the construction industry will ensure that our marketing efforts with be focused and, in time, successful.

AGT will a pioneer in bringing the technology to a high level in the region, with the goal of replacing the antiquated and costly method of reinforced concrete.

Management Team

Nabia Romero

Nabia is a Spanish citizen with extensive networks in the social and cultural communities in Colombia. She has worked as an artist and an entrepreneur in cocoa beans and has extensive experience in organizing and marketing, which she has used to share AGT's vision, SIP technology, and, of course, the re-housing of displaced Colombians. It is her passion and drive that gave rise to Alyna Global Trade.

Zoheir Hasanbhai

An excellent communicator in English, with knowledge of Cantonese, French and Gujarati, Zoheir is a Canadian with a passion for everything Chinese. As Administrative Consultant for AGT, he provides the links between Canada and China. His extensive business experience in Hong Kong, Canada and China assists AGT in achieving its worthy vision.


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