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Alyna Global Trade - Social Duty

From day one, Alyna Global was conceived with one major focus: to create a difference for the people of Central and South America. The company wants to make sure that it provides a housing alternative that they will call home, and not a temporary one. The principal that they based their designs, their marketing and their mission on was "DIGNITY."
With this principal deeply imbedded in its philosophy, Alyna Global worked with organizations with the same objective.
Minute of God (MOG)

MOG is a religious organization that works for the betterment of the Colombian people. It is well respected in Colombia and in the region. Providing social houses is one of its most popular programs. Chapters of MOG around the world organize the Banquete del Millon, during which a higher price ticket buys a simple bread and soup dinner so that more resources can be devoted to purchasing houses for needy families.

Alyna Global was honoured to be the major sponsor at the Banquete del Millon which was held in October 2011, during which the company presented a 42-square metre house to MOG. Alyna Global also became foster parents for two Colombian youngsters.

Padre Diego Jaramillo (fourth from left) graciously accepts
the cheque for an Alyna Global social house presented
by Nabia Romero (third from left) and
Nestor (left). Zoheir Hasanbhai (right) looks on

Foster Parents

Alyna Global is delighted to be the foster parent for two Colombian children, and to create a difference in their and their families' lives. This is an integral part of Alyna Global's social duty.

Canadian Colombian Children's Organization (CCCO)

CCCO is a Canadian organization working to help the Nazareth School and Orphanage in Colombia It assists in research and projects that empower Colombian mothers to provide lasting support for their children. The CCCO raises funds by organizing a Ball every November.

Alyna Global was a proud sponsor of the CCCO Ball in 2011. The principles of helping to make a difference in the lives of children are well supported by Alyna Global.

Zoheir Hasanbhai, Nabia Romero and Conchita at the CCCO Ball, November 2011

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